If only he had been vaccinated

The daily Vaccine Nazi sob story is today focused on reasonable people who just want to wait for more scientific data instead of the usual anti-vaxxers:

Removal firm boss Brian Lynch, 46, said he was not an anti-vaxxer, but wanted more long-term scientific data before getting the jab.

He was admitted to Royal Blackburn Hospital on July 7 and spent weeks in intensive care, during which he vowed to friends he would get the vaccine if he recovered.

In a Facebook post from his ICU bed Mr Lynch said he felt ‘the most frightened he had ever been’ and admitted he ‘thought it was the vulnerable and the elderly who got hospitalised’.

But Mr Lynch, of Blackburn, Lancashire, was later placed in a medically-induced coma and died with his family and wife Gina by his side on July 31.

Mr Lynch’s death is the latest in a series of vaccine sceptics and anti-vaxxers who have died after refusing to receive the jab this year. 

The lesson: Don’t wait for the long-term scientific data! Get fully vaccinated now and you won’t… um, okay, well, wait a minute…. 

Sheriff Lee D. Vance died at his Jackson home on Wednesday, nearly two weeks after testing positive for COVID-19.

AMR responded to a medical emergency at Sherriff Vance’s home on Wednesday morning, according to a declaration issued by the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office. When the medical response team arrived, Vance did not respond and was pronounced dead.

Hinds County Sheriff Captain Tyree Jones confirmed the news to WLBT-TV this week. On August 4, the department Noted that Vance died of natural causes due to COVID-19, according to coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart. His death will be labeled as a “COVID-related death.”

The sheriff was fully vaccinated and did not suffer an adverse effect, but despite his vaccinations and his age, contracted a lethal case of Covid-19. This appears to be ADE-in-action.