Of all the things that never happened

This never happened the most:

A fit and healthy 42-year-old father has died of Covid-19 after refusing the vaccine because he thought he would be OK if he contracted the virus, his twin sister said.

John Eyers had been climbing the Welsh mountains and wild camping one month before his death last week, which came exactly four weeks after he tested positive.

His twin sister Jenny McCann from London said he was the ‘fittest, healthiest person I know’ and had thought he would only have a ‘mild illness’ if he got coronavirus.

She added that he had a ‘belief in his own immortality’ but before going onto a ventilator in hospital he told his consultant that he wished he had been vaccinated.

Mr Eyers died in intensive care after suffering from an infection and organ failure, and leaves behind both parents, Ms McCann and his 19-year-old daughter. 

Every newspaper appears to be running some version of this regret sob story now. “You’ll be sorry” is the current Vaccine Nazi narrative, combined with the threat of a mandate.

Isn’t it amazing how their last wishes – right before going on the ventilator – are always the same? 

Meanwhile, people who are having their limbs amputated and dropping dead of heart attacks after being vaccinated are still quoted as saying they’d do it again.