Post-vaccination death rates “through the roof”

A funeral director fears bodies could be left at hospitals because relatives cannot afford to instruct him during the coronavirus pandemic. Milton Keynes-based John O’Looney said Britain’s ‘lockdown’ had “affected every aspect” of his industry. 

BBC News

However, the BBC didn’t see fit to cover the director’s more recent remarks about the so-called “pandemic”:

As a funeral director I commented in a Covid video comments section exactly what my experience was firsthand during this fake pandemic last year.

The death rate was totally normal, in fact, it was a little bit down on 2019 and towards Christmas many of my colleagues were actually turning their fridges off because there was no one dying.

We began vaccinating on January 6 locally here and the death rate went through the roof almost immediately within the same week, for three months I’ve never known a death rate like it in 15 years as an undertaker. 

This comment was liked over 300 times and then my YouTube account was deleted without warning for apparently violating their policies – being honest basically.

Note that the British Health Secretary just tested positive for Covid this weekend despite being vaccinated twice.