Thou shalt not notice

An English comedian is cancelled for telling jokes about Africans missing penalties:

A string of venues have cancelled shows with comedian Andrew Lawrence after he made racist ‘jokes’ on Twitter about England’s football stars.

The comedian faced widespread condemnation after making the comments in the aftermath of England’s heartbreaking penalty shoot-out defeat to Italy last night.

In one comment the 41-year-old, who has previously featured on the BBC, said he was ‘sorry that black guys are bad at penalties’.

And in reference to the anti-poverty campaigning of Marcus Rashford – one of those to miss a penalty last night – he said he’d: ‘Rather he’d (Rashford) practised his penalties and the kids had gone hungry.’ 

Today, following a backlash on Twitter, venues have begun pulling planned shows with the comedian.

Meanwhile, Lawrence’s agents also revealed they had cut ties with the comedian. 

How dare he! After all, no one has ever criticized anyone who missed a penalty before, right? 

How long will it be before not applauding is sufficient cause for cancellation? Or even being the first to stop applauding….