What happens when you stop paying

Karl Denninger asks the obvious question about the proposed annual Covid vaccine licenses:

There are times that paying what amounts to a rental fee is a net positive.  If you fly into some city and need a car, it would be stupid to buy one.  You only need it for a week.  Odds are you may never need it there again.  In addition there is no cost to you beyond the immediate loss of use when you terminate the agreement.

Now look at Quicken.

Your data is in their format.  Stop paying, what happens?


Your data is in their format.  Stop paying, what happens?

See the problem?

Same problem exists when you build for a “cloud” platform.  It’s their data format and their application APIs, which are theirs.

Stop paying, what happens?

Ok, now think about this. Pfizer is already saying they think you need a booster Covid shot. Moderna has in the pipe a whole plethora of….. annual mRNA shots.

What happens if you stop paying?

Nobody knows in this case.

That would arguably be a better outcome than either the killshot theory or the sterilization theory. Of course, just because it wouldn’t make sense for Big Pharma to terminate its subscribers doesn’t mean that they might not inadvertently do so, so it’s clearly not an either/or set of hypotheses.