Thursday AM Arktoons

 ALT★HERO: Q Episode 9: Low Altitude Drop

FLYING SPARKS Episode 9: Lies and Double Lives

The results for the first round of ARK MADNESS are complete. The winner of each matchup is shown in bold:

  • ALT★HERO vs Avalon
  •  AltHero:Q vs A THRONE OF BONES
  • MIDNIGHT’S WAR vs Quantum Mortis
  • SHADE vs Silenziosa
  • Bovodar & the Bears vs SWAN KNIGHT’S SAGA
  • HYPERGAMOUSE vs Right Ho, Jeeves
  • Go Monster Go vs GUN GHOUL
Now you can vote in the second-round matchups:
  • Gun Ghoul vs Hypergamouse
  • Chicago Typewriter vs. Swan Knight Saga
  • Alt★Hero vs. A Throne of Bones
  • Shade vs. Midnight’s War
The winner of ARK MADNESS will get a sequel or spin-off series, whichever makes more sense, on Arktoons.