Mailvox: the beatings will continue

As apparently some of them have proved salutory:

After following your advise on graduating Gamma, namely, shut up, work, and speak the truth. I am making huge strides in social settings.

The alpha is giving me more responsibility and respect, and girls are not repulsed.

I just want to say, without your constant Gamma beating, which are awesome course correction points, I would not have gotten this far this fast imo.

I am still working at it, always will.

Oh and ah, tell those boomers who has done next to nothing to go away.

Inspiration and relentless truth speaking by the capable is how many of us climbs out of the hell they left us with.

Conquering one’s instinctive behavioral patterns is always difficult. They will always be there to be reverted to in times of stress, defeat, and failure. But they can be suppressed and surmounted with sufficient effort. Persistence is the key. Even when you slip – and you will – don’t spend the next six weeks in denial, rationalization, and self-justification. 

Just admit the error, dust yourself off, and force yourself to start treading the right track again.