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DEUS VULT Episode 7: Schemes of the Devil

ALT★HERO Episode 7: One Falls, Another Rises
I’m pleased to announce that we’ve got several new series underway, including one set in Selenoth that is being created in a new style that we’re calling an “illustrated episode”, which I suspect may turn out to be an extremely popular series format. But the new series that everyone is most anticipating is almost certainly DAY OF THE PILLOW, which will be a four-panel comic illustrated by Lacey Fairchild and set in the world of HYPERGAMOUSE.
A review from SG:

I like the latest episode of #AltHero. Was thinking its another cartoon comic where punches fly, and that’s that. But here, punches actually have weight & consequences.

One of the foundations that distinguished ALT★HERO from the start is non-continuity. We’re not interested in writing stories where Batman catches the Joker again, only to let him go and commit more murder and mayhem in order to convince himself that he is the superior individual.