China chooses life

In case it isn’t entirely clear that China has rejected the Prometheans and their path to national suicide through empire, China skeptics can’t even point to the now-outdated One-Child Policy anymore:

China is making a major change in how its citizens can form a family. Monday, the Chinese Communist Party said it would allow married couples to have as many as three children to combat the country’s aging population.

Got that? Couples in China are now allowed to have a third child.

The change comes five years after Beijing ended its infamous “one-child policy” to allow couples to keep a second child.

State-run, Xi Jinping-approved Xinhua News Agency says the new policy will “improve the country’s population structure, actively implement the national strategy to respond to the aging population, and maintain the country’s demographic advantage.”

And if the mere permission doesn’t work, who here doesn’t believe that China won’t be ruthless enough to offer serious financial incentives to married couples? Especially when Hungary is already providing lifetime waivers on personal income tax for women raising at least four children and large vehicle subsidies for large families.

Meanwhile, in the rapidly declining imperial USA, parents are being socially incentivized to put their little boys in dresses and sterilize their little girls with hormone blockers and surgery. 

This is why it is silly to pronounce any nation dead due to sub-replacement birth rates. In less than one generation, a single determined nationalist at the helm can turn it around. On the plus side, WWIII looks increasingly unlikely, by virtue of being unnecessary.