How dare you talk back to Starbucks!

Starbucks is threatening to flounce away from Facebook because communication runs both ways:

‘Starbucks is in the process of evaluating their organic presence on FB, and whether they should continue to have a presence on the platform at all,’ a Facebook employee wrote to their colleagues earlier this week. ‘Anytime they post (organically) in regards to social issues or their mission & values work (e.g. BLM, LGBTQ, sustainability/climate change, etc.) they are overwhelmed by negative/insensitive, hate speech related comments on their posts.’ 

The Facebook employee said that Starbucks was having problems moderating the avalanche of hate speech, and was unable to disable comments on their page. 

It’s great that people refuse to let a wicked coffee company lecture them about how good is evil and evil is good. But it would be even better if people would stop buying coffee from them.