Episodes 2 (and in one case, 3)

 All five of the Wednesday Arktoons series have been updated for your reading pleasure.

ALT★HERO: Episode 2: Friends in High Places

DEUS VULT: Episode 2: Blood Sacrifice

GO MONSTER GO: Episode 2: The Ghost Car

MIDNIGHT’S WAR: Episode 2: The Wicked Dead

THE HAMMER OF FREEDOM: Episode 3: Watcher and Watched

You can probably expect several new series in June, as we’ve been hearing from creators in both Brazil and the USA who would like to utilize the new digital comics platform.

UPDATE: In addition to being the first series to 10,000 views on Arktoons, THE HAMMER OF FREEDOM is the first to 1,000 likes. Congratulations to Luciano and his Brazilian team at Super Prumo!