Mass immigration is murder

It’s really rather remarkable, in the historical context, how so many Western countries continue to endure one murderous provocation after another while staunchly refusing to take any steps to resolve the situation. 

Stephanie M, a 49-year-old mother-of-two, was slashed in the throat by Djamel G, a Tunisian delivery driver at 2.20pm today as she worked in a police station in the leafy Paris suburb of Rambouillet.

French prosecutors have opened a terror probe after the killing which was carried out by the 36-year-old who arrived in France illegally in 2009 before he was given leave to remain in 2019. 

Stephanie, an admin worker, who had worked for the police since 1993, had just ‘popped out of the station to change the parking disc on her car’ when she was pounced on by the attacker in the lobby. Investigators said the killer had been scouting the site before the attack in broad daylight. 

France’s counter-terrorism unit has taken over the investigation into the killing. Francois Bersani, a police union official, said the attacker slipped into the building before shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, meaning ‘God is greatest’ in Arabic.  

The attacker was not previously known to police or anti-terrorist authorities and had recently moved to Rambouillet having previously lived in the Val-de-Marne.  

The murdered woman was the mother of two children aged 13 and 18.

Rambouillet is a quiet and leafy commune southwest of Paris and is known for its historic chateau.

The reason the media is harping incessantly on the evils of white supremacy is because the boomerang effect in response to the invasions of the last 55 years promises to be of a that will make the democides of the 20th century look like a golden age. And perhaps they can fend it off for a while longer, but history has demonstrated that demographics is destiny.

There is a reason that people who look different and speak different and worship different used to be attacked on sight. Thanks to decades of “progress”, those days are in the process of returning.