No wonder they want her out

The Q Party’s one elected representative is more dangerous to the Prometheans than all the other Republican elected officials combined:

US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) has claimed that the Biden administration aims to force all Americans to have Covid-19 vaccine passports, comparing it to the “mark of the beast” prophesied in the Bible.

“They want you to be required to have something called a Covid passport,” Greene said on Monday in a Facebook livestream. “This would mandate your ability to be able to travel, your ability to be able to buy and sell, and I asked the question earlier today, is this something like Biden’s mark of the beast, because that is really disturbing and not good.”

While President Joe Biden reportedly has no plans for his administration to impose a vaccine passport system directly, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday that the private sector may require such credentials. She said “determination or development of a vaccine passport” would be driven by the private sector, while the administration will focus on the guidelines that can be used as a basis for the requirements.

Greene, however, argued that the Biden administration is essentially using private companies as proxies to impose mandatory vaccine passports.

“It’s still the same thing,” she said. “It’s still fascism or communism or whatever you want to call it, but it’s coming from private companies. So I have a term for that: I call it corporate communism.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vowed on Monday to forbid any vaccine passports in his state. Greene called on Georgia’s leaders to do the same.

Any Republicans who aren’t strongly, openly, and publicly against this, or who are unwilling to support bills banning “vaccine passports” issued by the government or the private sector, should be considered compromised and working for the other side. And by “other side”, I mean the Devil.