Books and classical music on UATV

Starting today on Unauthorized, we are replacing the Good Gardening subscription with the Castalia Classics subscription. This is to support the existing library of audiobooks on UATV as well as the development of the classical music channel. We are in the process of substantially adding to the audiobook library, beginning with the complete A Throne of Bones, and expect to have the classical music streaming in a curated radio-style format in 3-6 months.

We will NOT be removing the existing Good Gardening badges on SocialGalactic, but will add a new Classics badge for new subscribers instead. If you are already subscribing to the Good Gardening channel and wish to continue supporting #UATV, you do not need to do anything and will continue to have full access to the existing 18 channels. The Good Gardening channel will be removed the first week of April.

And since the question is inevitable, I might as well address it up front. No, there isn’t any drama or bad blood behind the scenes. David the Good is simply leaving both UATV and Castalia House in order to focus on building his own multimedia gardening platform and we have no doubt that it will be successful. Thank you for your continued support!