Pure Boomer hate

It’s surprising, but SNL can still pull it together when sufficiently motivated to break free of the ideological chains binding comedy these days. It’s fascinating to see that the one thing that transcends both politics and race at this point in the ongoing imperial collapse is the younger generations’ loathing for the generational behavior of the Baby Boomers.

It’s not only hilarious and very well written, (they even hit the “everyone else is just jealous” angle) but the hate is so pure and comprehensive that you would have sworn it had to have been written by a Gen-Xer. But apparently the Millennials have now had more than enough of the nonsense too.
Stopped by the house, give the grandkids a hug
Now get the fuck out, I’m trying to have fun….
I got the shot that’s just how it is.
You locked inside homeschooling my grandkids.
I know you want to live large like me
I got the big-ass house and the SUV.
I got the second house two and the third house three
The place in Vermont and the one in Miami
Damn, I got five houses? That’s a lot.
Good for me!

“You can tell this hit close to home because my boomer parents complained about it the entire time…”

It just kills them that no one admires their g-g-generation.

“Since 1975, I never imagined an SNL skit so obnoxious that it actually made me angry… Today changed everything. ? Wow.”

See, now THAT is how you identify nuclear rhetoric. These Boomers are genuinely angry about one little song-skit on SNL.