Mailvox: the southern front

 An observer reports on the Chinese destruction of the Monroe Doctrine:

I recently returned to the U.S. from a tour in Latin America. I dealt a lot with the Chinese “offensive” while there. The USG likes to talk about “whole of government” approach… while that is a joke… The Chinese definitely have a “whole of society” approach. I was dealing mainly with Chinese organized crime (which is at least influenced and cooperative with parts of the Chinese government) effort of their offensive, but I worked on the periphery of their economic effort and all of this is combined with the intelligence effort. It all builds.

As an example… first, the Chinese immigrated to the country I was assigned. Over time, this built a small base of support to operate. Then the “businessmen”, criminals, and intel started operating. Chinese organized crime had the country divided into operating sectors. Human trafficking, theft, smuggling, indentured servitude, probably drugs were some of their operations. One tactic they used was to buy small “mom and pop” shops. Then use those shops to sell the stolen merchandise (food, household goods, etc…) they were using local proxies to steal from warehouses and trucks, profits fund their operations. These stores are in almost every small town/city and were used as little intel hubs…

Also, “businessmen” would attempt to sell a variety of products and services, our concern was for things like energy production/infrastructure, road networks, shipping infrastructure/support, camera (surveillance) networks, etc… Areas that it would be handy for the Chinese or sympathizers to control. They did the usual with bribes to ensure they won the bids.

“American” companies didn’t want to bid on many of the projects, because it wasn’t “profitable” enough. We (USG) got to the point of just trying to get anyone BUT China to bid on projects. The Chinese businesses are not solely focused on huge profits, or any profit. They go and work where the Chinese government tells them to go…

We worked hard to combat it, but that was under Trump (who got it), Pompeo, and an Ambassador that was also focused on countering the Chinese. Now… we know that isn’t going to happen.

Kerry said the Monroe Doctrine was dead in 2013… well he and Obama and their handlers got their wish.

I have many other examples from overseas and in the U.S., but in summary, the Chinese are absolutely at war with the U.S. and West and are soundly defeating us.

It’s fascinating to see that the USA has already lost its monopoly over the hemisphere while being driven out of the South China Sea, and yet neither the imperial government nor the people realize yet that they are not only at war, they are being systematically defeated.

4GW involves the use of tactics and strategies by non-state actors that conventional 2GW and 3GW militaries can’t utilize. 5GW fights on fronts that conventional 3GW doesn’t even recognize.