The conservative case for mandatory vaccinations

I’m sure all of you will be surprised that the Littlest Chickenhawk is pushing mandatory vaccination laws:

During the March 18 episode of his radio show, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro made the case for mandatory vaccination.

When a caller asked Shapiro about the use of fetal baby DNA, and about the vaccine companies not having any liability and having access to a special government-sponsored payout system for those who sustain critical injuries or die because of vaccines, Shapiro made the case for mandating them anyway.

Shapiro claimed that personal liberty only counts when it comes to vaccines if the vaccine is simply designed to protect you from a disease, and not to achieve herd immunity. “One, you have to determine that there are differences in my opinion with regard to vaccines that are directly designed to prevent you from getting a disease, and ones that rely on herd immunity in order to prevent others from getting a disease,” said Shapiro.

“So, for example, if there is a vaccine that was only, the only purpose of it is for you to be vaccinated against a particular disease, but there’s no real risk of you becoming a carrier of that disease, for example, then that’s up to you, because obviously it’s your choice or not to have a disease.”

Shapiro then made the case in an extremely long sentence that vaccines are analogous to water pollution, saying that if someone pollutes a river, and that bothers somebody else who is downstream from the river, then that would be illegal.

“If, however, there is certain diseases, like mumps, measles, rubella, which are highly transmissible, and where you require herd immunity, specifically to prevent against the transmission of the disease to people who cannot have vaccinations,” said Shapiro, “that prevent transmission of that disease to those people, then you run into the externality problem.”

Of course, you won’t get herd immunity from a not-vaccine, but let’s not interrupt him while he’s showing his true colors again. Isn’t it interesting that he somehow can’t figure out the externality problem when it comes to immigration?

Never trust a neoclown.