They’re just getting started

Ebay is banning accounts that sell Dr. Seuss books:

Dr. Seuss is still getting canceled. In addition to far-Left schools, a useless learning organization, President Joe Biden, and a to-be-determined verdict from Universal Orlando, eBay has set aim toward the — as of last week racist — author.

eBay is going to work overtime to take down all current listings and is “monitoring” anyone who tries to list one of the six racist books in the future. (By the way, what a gig that would be to have.)

“eBay is currently sweeping our marketplace to remove these items,” an eBay spokeswoman said.

“We had to remove your listing because it didn’t follow our Offensive material policy,” one seller was told for listing a Dr. Seuss book. “Listings that promote or glorify hatred, violence, or discrimination aren’t allowed.”

It isn’t ever going to end until it is stopped.