A thing worth doing

Is worth doing for its own sake. Given the expense of producing and shipping these, it would make no sense from a capitalistic perspective to produce monstrous books like these massive goatskin-leatherbound editions of both volumes of PLUTARCH’S LIVES. But if you appreciate books, how could you possibly doubt for one second that it was a thing worth doing?

We’re currently behind schedule on SUMMA ELVETICA for various reasons that mostly relate to trying to get the AODAL series look right, but we expect to get back on track with HEIDI and the current Library subscription book, RHETORIC by Aristotle, featuring a Forward by yours truly. The new system at the bindery permits much better tracking that will go out automatically via email to subscribers when the books are shipped, so we’re anticipating improvement in that regard.

Both volumes of PLUTARCH’S LIVES, Library and Libraria can now be purchased individually until the stock runs out. Please note that the Libraria edition of AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND now joins both editions of THE MISSIONARIES, and MEDITATIONS as being officially sold out.