Convergence eats the liberal left

Having rendered the conservatives who feared to fight them irrelevant, SJWs are now increasingly focused on devouring the liberals who paved the way for them.

The BBC will edit out racist remarks made by Major Gowen in Fawlty Towers when the show is re-aired next week. The broadcaster will remove comments by the retired old soldier in the iconic comedy series, which ran for 12 episodes during the 1970s, when the episodes are aired in its Festival of Funny from Monday.

The move comes less than a year after actor John Cleese, who played Basil Fawlty in the British sitcom, slammed the BBC-owned UKTV for removing an episode of Fawlty Towers which featured racist language made by the Major.

Cleese branded the channel ‘stupid’ for not realising the show was mocking the Major’s use of the ‘n-word’ and added: ‘We were not supporting his views, we were making fun of them.’

It’s cute that Cleese believes he was ever anything more than a useful idiot laying the roadway for the traffic that is now driving over him. It’s rather like the free speech advocates who are bewildered that they are being cast aside now that their successful campaign to overturn the laws against blasphemy and treason have allowed the treasonous blasphemers to take power and begin instituting their own version of blasphemy and treason laws.