Why is ANY conservative still on Twitter?

Cuck as hard as you like, submit as slavishly as you can, sooner or later, the Sostapo are still going to come for you.

The founder and editor of the right-wing Gateway Pundit website has been permanently banned from Twitter, leaving the liberal left “thrilled” and conservatives wondering who will be silenced next.

The @gatewaypundit Twitter handle belonging to Jim Hoft with more than 375,000 followers was abruptly banned on Saturday night. “The account was permanently suspended for repeated violations of our civic integrity policy,” a Twitter spokesperson confirmed in a brief statement.

Twitter did not clarify which violation was the last straw, as the account seemed to be not very active recently. The conservative publication itself has long faced criticism from the left for pushing “lies” and “conspiracies.” 

Twitter’s recently updated civic integrity policy introduces a system of strikes and increasingly severe punishments, among other things, for pushing “disputed claims that could undermine faith in the process itself, such as unverified information about election rigging, ballot tampering, vote tallying, or certification of election results.”

“Oh s**t they got my boss,” journalist and Pundit contributor Cassandra Fairbanks tweeted. In response to ‘you’re next!’ threats, she quipped that from now on she will be careful not to wrongthink and will only tweet the opposite of what she believes.

This is not exactly new. Instapundit was first suspended back in 2016. It’s remarkable, and more than a little bit contemptible, to see how desperate conservatives are to maintain even the barest modicum of tolerance from the people who make it very clear how much they hate them.

Why are there still 375,000 self-professed conservatives on Twitter in the first place? The best and most useful thing conservatives can do is to turn their back on all left-wing social media and entertainment. And yet, most of them simply refuse to do so, presumably for fear that someone, somewhere, might call them racist or anti-semitic.