Then they mock you

It’s amusing to see how the gammas in the media are resentful of the fact that people are beginning to understand what sigma males are:

This unresolvable friction — you have to realize your place on the ladder, but you are delusional if you put yourself outside and above it — is probably why the sigma offshoot has not achieved saturation. By providing an asterisk to the core dogma of dominance, it allows men to reframe antisocial tendencies as power rather than weakness. Texts like The Sigma Male Codex: Rules for the Sigma Male are ultra-flattering to the presumably sigma reader, telling him that he’s a deeply intelligent and effortlessly attractive guy… because he’s “the quietest man in the room,” “keeps a wall built up around him to keep certain people out and “would never dream of hanging out with a large group of males.”

It’s introversion and inaction rebranded as mysterious cool — the rōnin forging his path alone — whereas the rest of us see a loser who should get a life. Comparing yourself to John Wick, an action-movie assassin with a dead wife and the entire underworld trying to murder him for the full length of the franchise, shows a warped perspective at minimum.

In his heart of hearts, the red-pilled man doesn’t actually want to be an alpha. It’s too much bro performance, too many hours in the gym and at the office, too basic a profile. Therefore, he creates the inner world of the sigma — he is a unique and fearless Übermensch in his mind, and whether reality conforms to this projection is immaterial, as he can always convince himself it does.

You’d think that a sigma, allegedly uninterested in social class and convention, wouldn’t be this consumed with proving his freedom from these limitations; indeed, you might say that a true sigma is the man who has never heard of any of this cringe bullshit, as he’s happily off hiking in the desert or making experimental art or straight up fucking, and couldn’t possibly care besides. To judge by the internet, however, a sigma is a guy who huffs his own farts until they start to smell like transcendent wisdom, then tries to market this narcissism to the same pretentious twerps who were calling themselves “sapiosexuals” not long ago.

As should be more than obvious by my literally shutting down the blog that discussed these things and complete lack of effort to push anything related to the socio-sexual hierarchy on anyone, I wasn’t trying to market anything, let alone narcissism, when I categorized observable male behavior patterns. The SSH is nothing more than an organized set of observations that happens to permit one to usefully understand and anticipate the behavior of a wide variety of men. If one finds it useful, use it. If not, then don’t.

Furthermore, the point of defining the sigma male behavioral pattern was to highlight the obvious differences between two very different patterns that were both being identified as alpha by the more basic sexual hierarchy. It certainly wasn’t to give gammas, much less omegas, yet another avenue to indulge their delusional self-redefinitions.

And yes, getting one’s panties in a bunch over other people’s observations is quintessential gamma behavior. But then, if you’ve been reading here a while, you already knew that.