Mailvox: I don’t care

Several readers have written to ask me to play theology police. One example.

You should have a talk with Owen.  He has fallen into Arianism. In one of his last streams he was ranting about Christ not being God, and never have even claimed to be God.  He said that if he had made such a claim then his death would have been justified since that was against Jewish law and punishable by death.

What part of “I don’t care what other people think” is even remotely hard to understand? While I certainly talk with Owen on a regular basis, I can assure you that theology never, ever, enters into our conversations. I am not the theology police. It is well known that I don’t care what theologians say about theology, so even the reader with the most limited intelligence should be able to grasp that I genuinely don’t care what a freaking comedian says about theology. Either talk to him yourself or leave him to stumble and bumble toward the light as best he can.

Please note that with the exception of a very small number of individuals, such as Steve Keen, Martin van Creveld, and William S. Lind, I also don’t care what Owen or anyone else says about economics or military history, just to give two examples.

Unauthorized is not Owen. It is Owen and Razor and Wranglerstar and David and Rachel and Chuck and everyone else. So, if you don’t approve of Owen, then I suggest subscribing to one of the other UATV subscriptions. And if you’re meanwhile subscribing to Disney or Netflix or ESPN, then just shut up and knock off the purity spiraling already.