Google wants to fight

Hi Vox Day,

We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines. Because of this, we have removed your channel from YouTube.

We know this is probably very upsetting news, but it’s our job to make sure that YouTube is a safe place for all. If we think a channel severely violates our policies, we take it down to protect other users on the platform – but if you believe we’ve made the wrong call, you can appeal this decision. You’ll find more information about the policy in question and how to submit an appeal below.

What our policy says

 Spam, scams or commercially deceptive content are not allowed on YouTube.

We have permanently removed your channel from YouTube. Going forward, you won’t be able to access, possess, or create any other YouTube channels. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us here.


The YouTube Team 

And so it begins… Although I have to observe that it is rather a puzzling hill for them to choose to defend. They backed down after posting false claims about the blog, so to make equally false claims about the YouTube channel barely one month later makes me suspect that it’s another low-level SJW abusing his position rather than corporate policy.

However, if they want a fight, then by all means, we will not hesitate to give them one! This is the one skull I’ve long dreamed of adding to my collection. And if you want to help, subscribe to UATV!

The Ride Never Ends.