Mailvox: a report from DC

 A reader who was in DC shares his experience. I’ll write up my analysis of events later today, but based on what I’m hearing, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: while there were a few Antifa infiltrators in the crowd who were there for the sake of the media’s cameras, the Storm Troopers who cleaned out the Capital on January 6, 20201 were not Antifa. So lose the damn bow ties already and stop cucking like Senate Republicans.

I attended the event in DC today and just returned home.  I’m writing to share my observations in case they prove useful.

Got there at 545 AM to see a massive stacked line wrapping around the entire Washington monument.  That initial huge crowd blossomed into a gigantic gathering that took over the entire grounds of the monument and dwarfed the 30-40K inside the ellipse.  This was no rally.  No light-hearted festival feel.  This crowd was angry – more on that below.

A cohort of weak speakers started things off, including fairly uninspired fluff from Eric and Don Jr., a few exceptions interspersed.  The people grew increasingly restless – they wanted the plan for victory, and were there to take marching orders to achieve it.  Then Guiliani came on and explained how they watched the Georgia steal happen again last night in real time, with the exact same vote dump / Dominion vote swap after counting had “stopped.”  The kettle began to simmer. 

Finally, the usually punctual DJT stepped up 45 minutes late.  Master rhetorician that he is, he slowly turns up the heat, calls out all the weak Republicans – many by name – and alludes to the Pence betrayal which really lights up the deplorables.  Probably 15-20 minutes after he asks everyone to head to the capitol, and promises to lead us there, cell service comes back on line and everyone sees news of the Pence double cross.  It was pitchfork-and-torch time.  I don’t care if there were a few Antifa plants – that raucous team trump mob would have taken the capitol without an ounce of soyboy incitement.  If Trump had asked it, team MAGA would have taken over the entire city and burned their masks in celebration.

My summary:

  • Trump knew Pence was planning the double cross
  • He was testing the intensity of his support – would enough show, and would we take it to the Swamp creatures ourselves when called upon? To both he got a resounding yes.
  • Disrupting the electoral certification was a bonus.  Rudy thought they needed extra time to get help from the state legislatures that were reneging on their elector certifications.
  • Pence is another full-on compromised pedo Swamp creature.  All he had to do was send the dual slates back to the legislatures.  He didn’t have to count squat.