The city of the damned

A former Hollywood attorney explains that the evil in the Hellmouth is not isolated, but pervasive and systematic. And there are no innocents, the ticket is not forced on anyone. You have to choose to sell your soul.

I want to say something as an atty who worked in Pedowood until 2018. The very famous ones who were “suicided” were all guilty. I want you all to know that. They ALL signed the cabal’s contract and took the deal. They knew EXACTLY what they were getting into. I’ll tell you how it happens. You come here or are groomed for here or whatever. You seek fame and fortune for your art. Whatever you seek you will find. Except justice, truth and God. Not among the puppet masters.

A lot of young ones come here from all over the country hoping to be discovered. They go to parties, clubs, bars, whatever hopping to meet that one person who is going to help them. Meanwhile, the Luciferian order/cabal/shitshow – whatever you want to call them, is looking for these young folks. Yes, they are young, but so was I. I never took their stupid deals. I never signed up. I have good judgment and morals. I was a writer hired for Paramount LONG ago and I said NO THANK YOU.

So there is a structure to this system, like any company or organization. And its called “The Family”. Yes that is what they call it. The ones on the bottom (talent scouts, grips, workers, low level writers producers anyone who works for “them”) has NO idea what is going on. Truly, they are sheep and cattle. They just work like all of us….

They offer you money. LOTS of it. I mean, lets say you have made it through the low level ranks. You’ve done the casting calls, the open mics, the creepy modeling shoots and parties in the Hills with some fat bastard who can’t seen his d!ck when he looks down cuz his stomach is sticking out and he’s drooling over anything breathing, and you are still not taking their deal and they want you? The next thing is you are offered a “deal”. They assign a new “handler” to you that you are not even aware is a handler. This person may be a sound design guy, a manager, even a friggin nanny. Its completely infiltrated.

They gain your trust. BUT here is where the kicker is: YOU HAVE A FKKKKN CHOICE! After you have been groomed, your teeth are fixed, you don’t look like a hobo, you speak eat properly, you have a manager agent. They even pay for their HOMES and rentals. Most of this is all done under trusts and fake corps. All the attys and accountants that handle this know, many are located in the same buildings. Century City, Wilshire District, BH, you name it. I have seen it all. They sit you down with your bestie/handler who has been reporting to the luciferians the WHOLE TIME and say to you: you are ready. You’re like ready for what?

Ready for joining the FAMILY. YES. They ask you to sign over contracts – basically your LIFE – in the contract it often says they own you and your soul throughout the Universe. Its crafted very well. BUT ITS OBVIOUS. So many are lured by MONEY that they TAKE THE DEAL!

BUT – this is the ONE thing that the public doesn’t know: THEY TELL YOU TO YOUR FACE WHAT IS GOING ON!

Which, of course, means that they all know perfectly well what is going on. So don’t shed any tears when the Dies Irae falls upon them, and stay the hell away from it.