A trap confirmed

Item: “Veritas has had an team of undercover agents in Georgia for months.” – James O’Keefe

Item: “Potus gave Raffensperger, Fuchs, and Kemp many olive branches to come clean. Now the veritable James O’Keefe can make his move and proverbially bury them with clean conscience.” – CodeMonkeyZ

Item: “White House planning to refer Brad Raffensperger WaPo leak to Secret Service for investigation under national security grounds of the Espionage Act. Have a feeling Jordan Fuchs isnt going to be having a nice week” – Jack Posobiec

Contra the mainstream narrative, I didn’t think for one second that it was out of desperation that President Trump made that recorded phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State. It was the merciful act of a man willing to give his enemies one last chance to surrender.