A series of serious accusations

Either these accusations are every bit as explosive as Q was suggesting or Lin Woods needs serious psychiatric help. And not only does he appear to be fully lucid, but the gravity of his accusations would tend to explain why a lifelong Democrat has been so determined to help Donald Trump defeat his own party’s election fraud. It would also explain why Isaac Kappy was murdered last year. From his Twitter account:

I believe Chief Justice John Roberts & a multitude of powerful individuals worldwide are being blackmailed in a horrendous scheme involving rape & murder of children captured on videotape. I have the key to the files containing the videos. I have also shared this information.

This blackmail scheme is conducted by members of 10 of world’s most well-known & “elite” intelligence agencies. One of those groups was hacked by a group known as Lizard Squad. The blackmail files of rape & murder were obtained by this group & copy was provided to Isaac Kappy.

After Kappy received the hacked files from member of Lizard Squad, he gave files to one friend and the encryption key to another friend. He provided this information to his friends shortly before he was murdered in May 13, 2019. Members of Lizard Squad were jailed for hacking.

Blackmail targets are approached with a gun, a child, & a camera. The target is ordered to rape the child on video. The target is then ordered to shoot the child on video. The target is then owned & controlled by the blackmailers until blackmail evidence loses its value.

Jeffrey Epstein used this same blackmail scheme of child rape & child murder to either further his own interests or those of any intelligence agency with whom he worked. ALL who flew on his private jet or visited his island must be IMMEDIATELY interrogated & brought to justice.

I decided to post this truth on Twitter & Parler as wall exists around @realDonaldTrump that may have prevented me from getting this evidence to him. Kappy tried to deliver info to President but was then murdered. I do not know who Kappy gave it to for delivery to the President. I have concerns that information from Kappy was not delivered to @realDonaldTrump & his effort to get it to President may have caused his death.

Now you have greater context for the message I tweeted below on January 1. I had hoped that this revelation would trigger resignations & confessions. Unsure of that result, I had to reveal full extent of my knowledge. I am doing so now.

I would never make an accusation without having reliable source for it. Stakes are too high. So I did due diligence to validate the accuracy of the shocking information I am revealing tonight. I am entirely comfortable that you are learning the truth.

There is also a third possibility, which is that this is a desperate attempt to distract the public’s attention and divert it from the election fraud. But these explosive revelations, if true, are almost certainly connected to the same people responsible for the election fraud, so I consider that possibility to be remote. I really don’t see what the point of a LARP would be here, but then, people regularly surprise me with the extent of their stupidity.

If the information is accurate, I think Woods has made a tremendous mistake by not simply dumping the information everywhere before announcing it. He could have sent USB sticks to every newspaper and TV news station and police station and major YouTuber, as well as uploading the evidence to Bitchute and every other video outlet. It’s as if these whistleblowers have never seen a movie, or heard what happens when people try to quietly go to a single corrupt authority in the expectation that the authority will anything about it other than try to eliminate the evidence. It’s simply amateurish and naive to think making dark hints to evildoers that you know about the evil they have done will cause them to publicly confess their sins. Life is not an Agatha Christie novel.

If you want to get rid of the insects underneath a rotten log, the most effective way to do it is overturn the whole thing and expose all of them to the sunlight in one fell swoop. President Trump has to be patient in order to let his double-envelopment develop, but lesser players like Woods are foolish to constantly be talking about revelations rather than simply revealing them.

This comment on /pol/ pretty much summarizes my position.

You know I believe him but he’s really lost all credibility in the eyes of most people by waiting until now to spill the beans after all his delaying and posturing.

Lurid details aside, I have little doubt that what Woods is describing is more or less on target. All the fake news, all the fake success and the fake popularity and the fake wealth and all the lies that go into the Narrative had to be based upon a foundation of force and fear in order for it to hold up over time. But unless Woods is playing a scripted part in the President’s plan – which is a possibility, especially in light of the timing just two days before January 6th – I simply don’t see understand why he’s not flooding the world with all of the information at once. So we may be looking at blown cover as cover again.

It is, however, potentially significant that Woods has not been kicked off Twitter yet. That suggests that he may be working against President Trump. But who knows, at this point. Be patient. Everything should become much more clear in the near future.