The Spaniards of Beacon Hill

Everything is fake. Especially everything about the celebrities whose lives are relentlessly advertised to us:

Alec Baldwin’s pseudo Spaniard wife grew up in a 100-year-old $4million house in the heart of the most desirable district in Boston. Yoga teacher Hillary Hayward-Thomas — who has long pretended she was born on the Mediterranean resort island of Majorca and only spoke English with a pronounced Spanish accent — instead spent almost her entire childhood in the Beacon Hill district of Beantown.

Records show her parents, attorney David Thomas and Harvard Medical School professor Kathryn Hayward bought the five-bed, five-bath house on Pinckney Street in June 1987 when their daughter was just three years old. They didn’t move out till she had turned 28.

‘I don’t know what she is talking about,’ said the family’s former neighbor. ‘She lived here since she was a child. She didn’t call herself Hilaria then –  just Hillary. And she certainly didn’t speak with a Spanish accent.

Steve Sailer’s long-predicted flight from white is certainly taking some amusing and unexpected turns. But freakshows are going to freakshow. It’s not as if one could reasonably expect sanity from any woman crazy enough to marry Alec Baldwin.