Bigger margin than expected

 President Trump is clarifying the situation for everyone:

“Study: Dominion Machines shifted 2-3{e61d147451bc60549e96d95b5c07be35845e0345eab7ed5d54cc3d49f812ab5c} of Trump Votes to Biden. Far more votes than needed to sway election.” Florida, Ohio, Texas and many other states were won by even greater margins than projected. Did just as well with Swing States, but bad things happened. 

I don’t think it’s going to take until January 20, 2021 for Biden to publicly concede. Because it’s already apparent that the “hey, it’s a done deal” approach isn’t going to work. 

And of course President Trump is not planning to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden. For the very good reason that he knows it’s not going to happen. Forget Donald Trump and Kamala Harris, I think it is more likely that Ezra Cohen Watnick will be the next President of the United States than Joe Biden.