An unfortunate glitch

Alas, poor SJW. It appears our Googler’s ill-considered efforts have already been overturned by his superiors. And yet, the evidence of his defamatory actions remains in our possession. Whatever shall we do? A question to ponder indeed, as we await the unrelated outcome of Google’s obvious labors in its infrastructure that have been affecting everything from YouTube to Gmail accounts.

In the meantime, Crypto.Fashion has commemorated that great day upon which Google publicly announced that this blog is, in fact, officially dangerous. I so need one of these for the Darkstream. As for those aforementioned efforts, it must be admitted that they did succeed in reducing yesterday’s pageviews to a paltry 295,112, which is a mere 168 percent increase from this year’s daily average of 110,305.

UPDATE: Apparently those warnings about malware and information-gathering apps was all just an accident or something, as this Google systems review – which usually takes several weeks – successfully concluded in record time. Google actually resolved this faster than Amazon did! Thanks very much to everyone who helped chronicle the full extent of this inexplicable and unfortunate software glitch.

Review successful for

To: Webmaster of,

Google has received and processed your security review request. Google systems indicate that no longer contains links to harmful sites or downloads. The warnings visible to users are being removed from your site. This may take a few hours to happen.

How very good of them to resolve the matter so speedily! I’m sure your appreciation, like mine, knows no bounds.