Black Anne Boleyn

The House of Tudor wuz kangz:

Jodie Turner-Smith has been spotted as Anne Boleyn for the first time while filming a Channel 5 drama that its producers say seeks to ‘challenge conventions’ and shine a ‘feminist light’ on her story.  

Turner-Smith, a black actress born in Britain, is portraying Anne who was the second wife of English King Henry VIII, whom he famously had beheaded in 1536. 

Boleyn, who was the white daughter of English nobility, is also one of the key causes of the English Reformation and the mother of Queen Elizabeth I. 

She was executed by Henry for high treason after failing to produce a male heir. 

Producers Fable Pictures say the drama ‘challenges all the conventions of who we think Anne Boleyn was and shines a feminist light on her story. 

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