Dominion and the virtual precincts

Neon Revolt explains MathAnon’s reverse-engineering of the Dominion vote-flipping algorithm:

MathAnon reverse-engineered the algo Dominion uses to flip the votes, via the use of #VirtualPrecincts!! (And he does it in Starcraft LMAO).

REMEMBER THAT TERM. VIRTUAL PRECINCTS!! I suspect it’s going to be HUGE, very, very soon.

Basically – the Dominion software shoots to have a set ratio split (in this case, in favor of Biden). It can be anything, but it is manually set in order to achieve flipping wherever they deem necessary.

They start by having the organic ballots cordoned off in one set. These remain untouched. The system is then designed to create another set, in order to flip what came in organically.

In other words, it looks at what came in already, and then goes “Hmmm, we need X amount of votes to flip this result, and X amount to make it look organic.”

To make it look more organic, these votes are divvied up between Virtual Precincts, at set ratios.

These new tallies are then added to the real precincts, in order to flip them wherever they’re needed.

Election workers on the ground can be in on the scheme and be used to pad the “official numbers” to meet what’s needed by the programmers, to make the result appear more organic and legitimate (think suitcases in the middle of the night).

This should be quite easy to prove, especially given the fact that Team Trump appears to have access to the original ballot data. It also explains why small numbers of flipped votes are being found in even the smallest counties where there were Dominion machines. The objective was to spread them out so that it looked organic, but the size of Trump’s unexpected lead precluded the planned restraint in the largest Democratic strongholds.

UPDATE: Virtual precincts is why this witness statement is not in error. Far from being a debunking, it supports what actually happened.

An election lawsuit by Sidney Powell, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, cites a witness who claims to have seen something strange with the votes counted in Michigan’s Edison County. 

Here’s the thing: You can’t point to Edison County on your Michigan hand. And not because it’s in the Upper Peninsula.

Because, well, there is no Edison County in Michigan.