Mailvox: when gammas gamma

Gammas are going to gamma, especially when you don’t show due reverence for their Very Important Opinions. After being told to take a hike yesterday, this is an excerpt – yes, an excerpt – from the totally unexpected wall of text that inevitably came in response.

I don’t have, and never had, any “mistaken impressions”, one way or t’other, especially RE  some innocuous blog and blogger I don’t know, don’t give a s/h/i/t about, is one of a billion bloggers in cyberspace, is both arrogant and narcississtic, and fancies himself some sort of author, publisher, blogger, and musician.  I don’t even know what the hell you meant by that. 

 … augh … no matter.  

Ya wanna talk music?  I’ve been on Atlantic Records … twice.  Your labels … I had to look up.  

Ya wanna talk Stoogle?  I’m an ~36+ year IT veteran, have travelled the world, and built some of the largest networks YOU access.  I’ve had offers from Stoogle, MicroSoft, amazon, Cisco, and many of the other big tech deep state sellouts.  I’ve worked for IBM, RockWell, HoneyWell, Johnson Controls, Johnson Wax, and a s/h/i/tload of other world class heavyweights.  Besides a full-time music career AND a full-time IT career, ie, leading a f/u/c/king double life since ~23 that has allowed me only a max of ~4 hours sleep a night since ~17 year old, I have clawed my way up to Director status at any number of the enterprises I’ve worked at.  Musically, I’ve performed with major symphonies, been on grand stages, been on television, music-bedded movies, and even have been asked to sit in and tour and play the same stages with major groups like The Temptations, Kansas, BadFinger, and others.  

Point is, I’ve EXPERIENCED private sector corporate deep state FROM THE INSIDE.  I know what the f/u/c/k I’m talking about, from the inside.  

I work hard, just like it appears you do, and my time is extremely valuable, just like yours’.  If I visit your blog, I deem it worthy enough to spend a little of my time at.  It amazes me how any businessman with your attitude can keep blog readers, sell books, or sell music or video games.  Even if you were Dickens, Twain, or Shakespeare, I wouldn’t buy your s/h/i/t knowing the attitude behind it, ie, in the end, you really could care less about your readership, listeners, customers, etc.  Your F/U/C/K OFF to me proves that.  

… and, to be frank, some of your s/h/i/t looks pretty interesting.  It’s just that attitude that spoils it for me …  

You fancy yourself some kind of author and publisher and musician and blogger and want to sell product.  Yet you tell me to F/U/C/K OFF.  Great PR.  

Most of what you’ve penned over the years I’ve agreed with, for the most part, although you ARE a narcississtic arrogant cuss … which I’m not quite sure where I stand on that topic simply because I, myself, am arrogant, but do not cross over to narcississm.  Just the opposite.  Many times I’ve been praised for work that I never thought was good enough.  

All I’m penning is that, thematically, philosophically, et al, you appear anti-deep-state-anti-globalist, and then tighten indirect censoring, just like “they” tighten direct censoring.  

I don’t give a s/h/i/t either if I COMMENT or not at your or any other web site no more than I give a s/h/i/t if your site gets shut down or not.  What you don’t get is I’m half on your side, you j/a/c/k/a/s/s.  Your f/u/c/king arrogance could be bottled.  Lose the attitude, s/h/i/t.  It is blinding and deafening to you.  Like Ann Barnhardt … good intentions, off-putting presentation.  

How the hell are you not part of the problem when you talk out of two sides of your f/u/c/king mouth is beyond me, ie, you are philosophically conservative and yet capitulate to deep state s/h/i/t like Stoogle.  I’ll bet you even use Google docs and other apps as well.  Rail against deep state surveillance and then put yourself exactly in the position to be surveilled.  I mean, wow … just wow.  

You have enough sycophants COMMENTing, I’ve noticed, praising you up and down, to pad and satisfy that massive ego of yours’.  Becoming euphemistically dumb, fat, happy, and complacent with the status quo when there is work to do, more than just words, is just wrong.  If I’m not making myself clear enough, YOU NEED TO PRIVATIZE YOUR BLOG.  “Not fixin’ what ain’t broken” is a lazy man’s excuse out.  Unless you, like ZeroHedge, are a sellout to clickbait, or have some alternative agenda.  I don’t know.  You are correct in your #1 … I DON’T know your business.  Don’t care.  But if you pen to me that it is none of my business, there is probably more there than meets the eye.  What IS my business is what deep state and its tech complicitors are doing to me and mine in my country.  That IS my business.  And one is either part of the problem or part of the solution.  It IS that black and white.  As Christ said, ” … you’re either with Me or against Me … “.  It IS that simple and that black and white.  

You know d/a/m/n well, just like I do, you can download WordPress open source and locally host your own blog, answering to NO ONE but yourself, on your own hardware, software, and static IP(s), infrastructured to encrypt through any ISP so they cannot know anything about your traffic flowing through them, traffic that YOU pay for and is none of their f/u/c/king business although they illegally and unConstitutionally make it their business.  Even CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE, as you probably know, just got booted off web-based WordPress and are in the process of switching to another web-based “platform” (their words), ie, blog hoster (“platform” is the WRONG nomenclature, “platform”s in IT refer to base configurations hosting other configurations, ie, porting from a UNIX “platform” to a non-POSIX-based “platform”, et al).  IOW, CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE is just “kicking the can down the road”, “jumping from the frying pan into the fire”.  I mean, don’t they know, based upon their vociferous content, it’s just a matter of time and it’s just gonna happen to them again?!  You people shake your fist at your demanding Father but, in the end, go out and mow the lawn anyways.  You fix a symptom and fail to kill the disease.  

FYI, I am so far to the right, I’m off the cliff.  So if you think I’m some kind of deep state troll, SJW, or liberal wack … like I penned before, I’m half on your side.  I just cannot stand your attitude … and never could.  Lose it.  

You ain’t the legend in your own time (or even your own mind) you think you are.  

And lemme tell you somethin’ else … you SHOULD give a s/h/i/t whether I or anyone else DOES COMMENT.  So should I.  If you don’t give a damn, what’s the point?!  Sycophants are easy, cheap, painless, and worthless.  It’s people like me you really need to listen to, if you can get past your arrogance and narcississm to realize that.

I tend to doubt my succinct reply to this textbook gammalogue will surprise any regular reader here.

What part of “fuck off” was hard for you to understand?