Mailvox: just go away

A would-be commenter completely fails to understand that I don’t give a fraction of an ioto of an airborne rodent’s posterior if he comments here or not.

Can you tell me why the hell you now demand COMMENTs be filtered through a Google, ie, .gov/CIA/NSA Stoogle, sign-in?  What the hell is up with that?  Stoogle, FaceCrook, et al, are all .gov/CIA/NSA creations via In-Q-Tel. 

 Where the hell do you REALLY stand? Are you controlled opposition? 

 Or are YOU being forced because BlogSpot = Stoogle?  Did Google force you to comply, like ZeroHedge, at the risk of shutting you down, like WordPress did to Conservative TreeHouse, or, like ZeroHedge, pulling all ad revenue?  Hedge is now massively censoring COMMENTs and only leaves COMMENTs available for reading ~48 hours, then the COMMENTs disappear forever.  If one doesn’t locally store such info, all is lost forever.  These are just SOME of the capitulations Hedge betrayed to keep the Stoogle ad revenue flowing.  I mean, REALLY?!  I guess cash is king, even above patriotism, loyalty, and allegiance.  But look who I’m writing at, a guy who ran away to Italy.  Believe me, BELIEVE ME, I sympathize with what they did to your Father, and they SHOULD PAY, but running away to live in a different Country is NOT the answer.  Just like ZeroHedge sellling out was not the answer, although those sellout doofuses are not of original USofA to begin with so, like most transplant imports, they just came to the US to exploit all they could get from her, just like the H1B hadji curry-munchers. 

 I cannot COMMENT unless I open a and log in via a Stoogle account?! 

C’mon, Vox, gimme an answer … and you’re f/u/c/king better than that … at least you appear to be, anyways.  But how the hell do I know, any more. Nothing is as it appears any more. TRUST has left the building.

My response:

  1. It’s none of your business. You appear to be under the very mistaken impression that I answer to you.
  2. Because this blog has been on Blogger since 2003. If it’s not broken, I don’t fix it.
  3. I used to allow fully anonymous comments. Trolls and spam made that impossible. This is how we ensure the comment section is functional.
  4. I don’t care if you comment or not.
  5. Fuck off.

The idea that I am “controlled opposition” or that I am concerned about protecting my nonexistent ad revenue is risible. Sundar Pichai, in particular, would find it amusing. I am, as was revealed in the James D’Amour v. Google lawsuit, one of the very few individuals who is specifically banned by name from setting foot on Google’s Mountain View campus, and quite possibly from their other offices as well. Pichai himself cancelled a company-wide meeting out of the very reasonable fear that I would pull a James O’Keefe on him.

Which, of course, is precisely what would have happened. I know exactly what Google knows about me and they know I don’t care at all. And they also know that I know an awful lot about their organization. So, if they want to make me ridiculously wealthy by giving me an excuse to sue them in a European court, the Legal Legion is more than ready to take on legal geniuses like their former Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond.

This blog will be here until either a) I stop blogging altogether, b) Google decides to roll the dice, or c) Google offers me sufficient monetary incentive to move it elsewhere. And if you don’t like that, I truly don’t care.