So, what do we call it?

 Neon Revolt, whose opinion regarding Black Rifle Coffee is pretty similar to mine, considers this comment from one of his readers to be a fair take. And I don’t disagree:

People are mad at black rifle coffee because they want right-leaning companies to go all in for the right just like the left leaning companies go all in for the left.

If you’re on the right it never feels like you get a hearty endorsement from any such company… At best you get neutrality and at worst you get disavowed.

Or to put in another way: everybody fears the left-wing mob but nobody fears the right-wing. Right-wingers are starving for someone to have their back. That is why the reaction is so strong.

Fair enough. And even if you don’t consider BRC’s actions a betrayal, they have at least demonstrated that they don’t merit any particular support from patriots or 2nd Amendment activists despite their posturing and pretensions.

Trust not in marketing.

Anyhow, I’ve already made contact with an Italian private label coffee producer and arranged for them to provide me with a box of samples. (There is no downside here.) If it’s genuinely good, we can consider what the next steps might be. Of course, we’ll have to figure out what we’re going to call it….