Junior Classics leather set

Since we are rapidly approaching the shipping date of the first three Junior Classics hardcovers to the backers, it is necessary to permit those who have asked permission to upgrade from the hardcover set to the leather set to do so. It is also possible for those who missed the campaign to preorder a leather set at the same price as the original backers.

If you are a backer who wishes to upgrade, please send me an email with your backer number and request the upgrade. You will be sent a discount code which you can apply against a new order for the leather set. Please be aware that an upgrade means you will not be sent the first three volumes in hardcover, and that the leather set will not ship until all 10 volumes are ready. You will, however, receive the first three digital editions in December when Volumes 1-3 ship in hardcover.

Also, if you are a hardcover backer and haven’t provided your current shipping address yet, please go to Indiegogo and use the Ask a Question option to send a message to the campaign owner containing your address.