They will lose their minds

What passes for them, anyhow, when the truth about the election comes out. Keep in mind that this is the sort of thing they genuinely believe, as you read John Scalzi’s take on the globalist attempt to install Joe Biden in the White House:

Donald Trump has lost the 2020 presidential election and has absolutely zero chance of winning it now. This is because the election has already been run, and it resulted with Joe Biden winning, with, to date, 77 million votes, 50.8 percent of the voting electorate and 290 electoral votes, with another 16 likely to come once the recount in Georgia is done. The margins by which Biden has won these states are impossible to overcome, as historically recounts change the vote totals by hundreds of votes, and Biden is up by 14,000 in the closest race of the states where numbers are being contested (that’s Georgia). The suits that the Trump campaign has filed regarding election fraud have been shot down as hearsay or because of other flaws in the filing; they are historically flimsy suits, and even the ones that aren’t affect a number of ballots that will not change the results of the election. There was no systemic or systematic electoral fraud.

The idea that the Republican legislatures in the “contested” states will rebel and name their own electors is a pipe dream, you decide which kind of pipe, and in any event the legislatures in at least some of the states have signaled they have no interest or intent to get involved. That leaves an autocoup attempt, I suppose, but given how much open contempt this president has had for the military forces in the United States, and the seriousness with which our military takes its oath, let me just suggest I don’t see that move ending up happily for Trump.

To repeat: Donald Trump has lost the 2020 presidential election, definitively and decisively. If you believe this, congratulations, you have some minimal relationship to reality as it exists in the world. If you do not believe this, either you have been trapped in a bread box at the bottom of a well for the last two weeks and are just now catching up, or you have some injury of the brain which does not allow you to process information in a reliable manner, or you simply choose to live in a fantasy world for your own, probably at this point frantic and malign, reasons. Or, alternately, you know Trump has lost the election, but you choose to pretend this fact is not real, because you are, in fact, a mendacious piece of shit…

The GOP, as it is, is a cancer of American democracy. Not because it’s conservative — there will always be conservatives, and if we must have political parties, then conservatives should have one no less than anyone else — but because it fundamentally no longer acknowledges either the necessity of American democracy or the need for an informed electorate.

Lunatic SJWs like Scalzi assert that it is the sane have a “minimal relationship to reality as it exists in the world” even as the evidence continues to pile up that the results reported by the media are entirely fraudulent and knowingly fictional. This is why we cannot coexist with them, even if, like Scalzi, they hypocritically insist in living amonst us in our communities because our way of life is so much more observably livable than theirs.

UPDATE: a lawyer is unimpressed by McRapey’s legal analysis:

As a lawyer, one thing that has struck me about about the Left’s reaction to it all has been non-lawyers and non-election-fraud experts talking about how Trump has “no chance” to succeed in his suits. I mean, I can understand why the corporate media and lawyers for Biden would be so dismissive publicly—they are paid to engage in such pro-Biden PR puffery–but lots of name-but-unpaid TDS sufferers with no legal experience are claiming legal expertise on the matter. Like Scalzi.

Now, you don’t have to be a lawyer or election fraud expert to understand the cases and issues here, but saying Trump’s cases have “no chance” is really ignorant and stupid. Trump has legal heavyweights on his side and is challenging ballots on multiple grounds in multiple states, and we already have both statistical and lots of anecdotal data of fraud. The 14th Amendment, Bush v. Gore, witnesses testifying to fraud, software “glitches”……these things matter. Anyone with legal experience, attorney or laymen, can see it.

Even if one thinks Trump will lose in court – I don’t – his arguments and evidence have a lot of merit. Scalzi is simply spewing ignorance. Hard to tell if it’s just whistling past the graveyard or denialism or Dunning-Kruger.