Junior Classics Vols. 1-3

If you missed out on backing the Junior Classics campaign, you can preorder Vols. 1-3 for the next two weeks at Arkhaven and receive backer’s editions of the first three volumes when they ship in December. The non-backer editions of the first three volumes will go into distribution in January. This preorder is for the royal octavo books, there will be no preorders available for the smaller demy octavo size.

Thanks again to all the backers who have waited so patiently for these books. Each volume features original spine and cover art, curated content that combines the best of the 1918 and 1958 editions, and hundreds of carefully selected classic interior illustrations. The backers editions are noted as such on the title pages and feature a special logo on the back of each book. The image above is the cover of Volume 2: Myths & Legends.

If you are a hardcover set or backer and you have not yet updated your shipping address through the “contact the campaign” option, please do so now. Leather and digital backers do not need to update their addresses.