Mailvox: the only one

 A reader gives me too much credit:

 I really like your post-election coverage. I read a lot of different Far Right takes and you’re the only one I check out who either: hasn’t bailed on Trump or isn’t just shouting “We got robbed.” Most are hoping we win. You’re showing actual fraud according to law. You’re showing how the ruse is falling apart. If it ends up going our way, a lot of people are going to jump back on the Trump train. And the ones who never left are going to take a lot of the credit. You’re the only one I see, keeping a level head and being consistent since Trump started running in 2015.

Jumping on and off the Trump Train has been par for the course since Scott Adams was predicting Hillary was sure to win back in 2016. (He tends to sweep that little post-Pussy-grab period under the table.) But I am merely calling things as I see them; no doubt others are doing the same. And there are more than a few people, such as Anonymous Conservative and Neon Revolt, who are just as confident that a) Biden didn’t win and b) Trump will serve his second consecutive term as I am.

But if publicly expressing my opinion happens to disrupt the operation of the media’s demoralization and disinformation campaign, I am pleased, because I simply don’t see any truth in it. Frankly, I don’t see any reason to even begin to pay attention to it until Kamala Harris resigns her Senate seat.