No one believes Biden won

 And this is a subject of deep concern to the people that claimed Creepy Joe was a shoe-in:

Our latest YouGov/The Economist poll has a host of troubling findings about public confidence in the election.

Most shocking is that 86{3aedcb51dac2fbb83a885d32b07950f3050377138d02430f831f0a3ede84357a} of Trump voters say that Biden “did not legitimately win the election.” 73{3aedcb51dac2fbb83a885d32b07950f3050377138d02430f831f0a3ede84357a} say that we’ll “never know the real outcome of this election.” 

We also see the usual patterns in attitudes about mail-in voting and fraud. 88{3aedcb51dac2fbb83a885d32b07950f3050377138d02430f831f0a3ede84357a} of Trump voters say they believe that “illegal immigrants voted fraudulently in 2016 and tried again in 2020,” for ex, and 90{3aedcb51dac2fbb83a885d32b07950f3050377138d02430f831f0a3ede84357a} believed that “mail ballots are being manipulated to favor Joe Biden.” 

Republicans are also exhibiting some… concerning… attitudes about the franchise, with 46{3aedcb51dac2fbb83a885d32b07950f3050377138d02430f831f0a3ede84357a} saying that “some people are not smart enough to vote” (27{3aedcb51dac2fbb83a885d32b07950f3050377138d02430f831f0a3ede84357a} among Dems) and 43{3aedcb51dac2fbb83a885d32b07950f3050377138d02430f831f0a3ede84357a} saying that people should have to pass a test before voting (15{3aedcb51dac2fbb83a885d32b07950f3050377138d02430f831f0a3ede84357a} for Dems). 

89{3aedcb51dac2fbb83a885d32b07950f3050377138d02430f831f0a3ede84357a} of Trump voters think he should contest the outcome of the election in court, and 62{3aedcb51dac2fbb83a885d32b07950f3050377138d02430f831f0a3ede84357a} of his voters think it will change the outcome.

Fewer than half of Americans expect there will be a peaceful transition of power to a Biden presidency.

Forget “peaceful”. There won’t be ANY transition of power to a Biden presidency and most Americans already know it. 

Because Epstein didn’t kill himself and Biden didn’t win.