DC downsizes again

There is an all-hands-on-deck meeting taking place at DC Comics today, with those who are remaining. There will have to be a lot of job changes – even though with all the NDAs, no one can actually talk about their lost jobs or their new jobs publicly for some time. People can’t even update their LinkedIn accounts without losing their redundancy payments.

Daniel Cherry III, newly appointed DC Comics General Manager, is doing exactly what he was brought in to DC by Warner Bros President Pamela Lifford to do, to calculate corporate downsizing, assess minimum requirements, fire the highest paid people, promote the juniors with small raises, imply “you’re lucky to still have a job in this economy” and cut freelance rates and commitments.

Dark Herald has more at Arkhaven about the Red Honeymoon:

The Red Wedding massacre at DC Comics was three months ago and it was pretty brutal.  

A few of the more overly optimistic comics fans thought it was going to be the start of a turnaround, where DC would abandon its pursuit of all things Woke and go back to sensible basics.  Others thought that it was the start of a focus on graphic novels and Young Adult engagement in the hopes of attracting Zoomer’s interest in DC’s characters.

Then Daniel Cherry III was brought over from Blizzard, and far from promising an end to Wokeness, promised to make things even more Evolved.  However, it turns out he had a different mission. 

Meanwhile, Arkhaven has just reached an agreement with an international publisher that will effectively double our existing library. But we can’t talk about it yet….