Vladimir knows

Or at least suspects that Joe Biden will never be sworn in. The Russia-Russia-Russia crowd is worried that Putin has not congratulated Creepy Joe concerning the Fake News of his Fake Presidency:

Former US envoy to Russia Michael McFaul is unhappy that Moscow hasn’t declared Joe Biden the election winner without official results, apparently tossing aside years of hysteria about Kremlin “meddling” in US internal affairs.

McFaul, who became one of the most outspoken proponents of the debunked theory that Moscow “colluded” with the Trump campaign in 2016, expressed his disappointment on Twitter that Russian President Vladimir Putin has yet to offer his congratulations to the Democratic nominee, who declared himself president-elect on Saturday. 

“Has Putin joined the chorus of world leaders in congratulating Biden yet? I haven’t see the statement. Do post if its out,” he wrote. 

Yes, so, about that…

Putin will not recognize #Biden as President yet due to the “ongoing legal processes,” says his spokesman Peskov.

And Putin is not the only world leader with an effective intelligence service who knows what’s going on.

Chinese president Xi Jinping has so far held off sending a congratulatory message to the new US president… Saudi Arabia has stayed silent on the election results.