Mailvox: a bad review

Apparently this gentleman was not pleased by the Voxiversity video about Jordan Peterson.

Here I was hoping to find actual intellectual criticism of Mr. Peterson. Instead I just find an absurd amount of baseless claims, twisting of the truth, and appeals to emotion. This video is a shining example of hate-mongering and ignorance hidden behind a veil of “entertainment”. Points for reference: 1 guy disputing Jordan’s claims is not evidence of his claims being false. It also doesn’t mean that what Jordan is saying is absolutely true. The entire point of lectures in real academia is for people to look at life from different angles to improve your own scope of understanding. This is to say, knowledge is just repetition, intellect is using knowledge to form your own ideas. If I were to compare it to food, it’s like being given potatoes and experimenting on your own to make mashed potatoes, or home fries, or gratin, etc. Only sheep take words at face value and apply them as rules for life, because every life is different. You call out his mental illness, yes the guy is clinically depressed, he’s talked about it openly. Despite having clinical depression, this guy has risen to be an esteemed professor. The people who bring about real change to the world are not the sheep, but instead the skeptics, the insane, and the so-called mentally ill. Jordan, instead of falling to his “illness”, has instead used that different perspective to give people a different (and overwhelmingly positive) outlook on their own lives and role in society. You criticize his inability to claim a religious doctrine multiple times through the video. He has described this perfectly in other talks. A large part of this is he doesn’t want to get lumped into groups, as you are trying to do. If he says he isn’t Christian, then he is atheist scum that shouldn’t be listened to, if he is, then he is a religious fool that is blind to the truth. He recognizes this question as a “gotcha”, and it’s disappointing that anyone claiming to be a purveyor of knowledge would push this argument (that’s talking about you here buddy). I honestly don’t know why I bothered with a response to a creator who clipped a fragment of JP quoting Nietzsche and tried to attribute the thought/words to his view of life. That alone shows your blatant disrespect to knowledge and towards the sanctity of intelligent debate. What kind of person lambastes another for quoting someone else? You. You do that sir. Under your methodology, any history teacher who talks about the holocaust or the gulags is now scum of the earth, not worthy of being listened to. 

It strikes me that if the gentleman is correct, and the people who bring about real change to the world are the insane and the mentally ill, that would go a long way toward explaining why everything is getting crazier and crazier.

You can almost see the demons whispering in his ears.