How the puppet is controlled

An explanation on how Creepy Joe is being controlled live on camera in order to reduce his level of incoherence:

Biden always REACHES INTO HIS POCKET before he answers certain questions. See how confused and frightened he looks?

And here’s how he looks AFTER he reaches into his pocket. The reason he usually wears a mask is to hide his confused, frightened face. Watch his free hand.

Into the pocket.

What’s he doing? He’s activating a fully implanted, invisible receiver that uses BONE CONDUCTION to get messages. My guess is the switch also reduces ambient noise so that he can concentrate on the spoken instruction. 

Remember when Biden totally disappeared? He was having something like THIS implanted.

The remarkable Esteem® Hearing Implant is designed to provide qualified candidates with a unique combination of real-world benefits. The Esteem is: An INVISIBLE Solution — You don’t just hear better. You look and feel better. There are no external components. And nothing is in your ear canal.

Bone conduction works extremely well. Sound is just vibrations. This invisible implant has been converted to a receiver that transmits vibrations into Biden’s addled head. He switches it on and off at will. His wristwatch vibrates when they want him to activate the system. 

Conspiracy is nothing more than simply figuring out who and what is causing what you are seeing right in front of you.