Flat-out Judases

Jim Caviezel rips into the Churchian leadership of Protestants and Catholics alike: 

Catholic actor Jim Caviezel, best known for playing Jesus in the 2004 film The Passion of the Christ, blasted “lukewarm” Christians in a Fox News interview, saying it’s “a bloody shame” one can’t tell the difference “between a priest, a bishop, or a politician.”

“I got to play Jesus, some of us love Peter or Paul, but there are many of us right now, they are flat out Judases, okay? Or they’re Pontius Pilates or they’re the Pharisees, okay?” Caviezel told Shannon Bream on the Fox News show FOX@Night yesterday.

“It’s a bloody shame if you can’t tell the difference between a priest, a bishop, or a politician. It’s really sad, but this is called lukewarmness, and Christ has a very special place for them, and they know it.”

Caviezel appeared as a guest on FOX@Night to discuss his latest movie, Infidel, which he described to Bream as a “well executed thriller.” Caviezel made the remarks when asked by Bream about what his concerns are regarding the role of faith, and what people should be doing about it in today’s world.

He was blunt with Bream, telling her that his new film is not some “candy-ass Christian stupid film,” but is rather one about “what is really going on today” in terms of the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

“Well, it’s relevant because we have this thing called cancel culture, and if Christians don’t watch, it will be canceling Christianity as well, because a lot of our pastors, okay, our bishops, our priests — they’re laying right over,” Caviezel told Bream.

“They let their churches being burned, all right? How do we know that? Well, it’s right there in the news. Statues being ripped down. They don’t say anything.”

He’s absolutely right. God will certainly spit what passes for the modern Church out of His mouth, although most Churchians are worse than lukewarm. They follow the world and the Prince of this world, not Jesus Christ. That’s why they are laying right over; their objective is to lead their flocks away from God.

Read the Bible. Fear God. Serve Jesus Christ. Do not follow evil men and women into Hell simply because they call themselves christians, pastors, priests, or popes.