Social Justice comes for the Hellmouth

 And even the wokest of the woke actors and actresses are not at all happy about the new requirements for the Academy Awards:

To be eligible for Best Picture, films must meet any TWO of the following FOUR criteria. 


This standard can be met by fulfilling any ONE of these:

  • Lead actor or significant supporting actor from an ethnic minority group
  • At least 30 per cent of smaller roles are played by women, LGBT people, disabled people or ethnic minorities 
  • The main storyline is centered on an under-represented group


This standard can be met by fulfilling any ONE of these: 

  •  At least two senior creative posts, such as casting director, make-up artist or producer, are from an under-represented group including women
  • At least six smaller roles in the crew are filled by ethnic minorities
  • At least 30 per cent of the film’s total crew is from an under-represented group 


This standard can be met by fulfilling BOTH of these: 

  • Studios and distributors must have paid interns or apprentices who are women or come from minority groups
  • Training opportunities must be offered to under-represented groups in production, distribution and financing


This standard can be met by fulfilling this ONE requirement:

  •  Multiple senior executives in publicity, marketing and distribution are women or minority groups 

I doubt they’re particularly concerned about the Best Picture requirements as such, but rather the way the diversity rules are inevitably going to filter down until even the likes of Sharknado vs Predator II are subject to them. Needless to say, Viral Films Media will be not hesitate to violate all of them with unabashed impunity.