He has to go back

The point is not that no immigrant can ever successfully make a new home in a foreign land. The point is that no immigrant can do that and retain any semblance of his former nationality, and the more that his identity remains unchanged, the less viable his residence will be over time.

I encountered a panelist by the name of Stefanos. Stefanos is a member of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia, and from what I understood his parents were Greek immigrants to Australia. Thus, under the auspices of civic nationalism, Stefanos considers himself to be Australian.

Why not? He was born in Australia, he grew up in Australia, he even speaks with a sort of Australian accent. Ipso facto, he must be Australian.

During the Q&A session he asked me what he could do to help further the cause of Australian nationalism. With total sincerity I replied that the very best thing he could do would be to go back to Greece and help defend his native country from the waves of invaders that are even now breaking against its scattered hundreds of islands.

This didn’t go down too well….

Not a decade after the war ended, the decision was made in Australia without the consensus of the Australian people, the native Australian people mind you, to bring in tens of thousands of Greek immigrants, among others. And now, 70 years later, we are told by the offspring of those Greeks that Australia belongs to Europe.

This is why you do not let in immigrants in large numbers. And you do not let them vote. And you certainly do not let them stand for parliament. The greatest criminal in the history of Australia was Al Grassby. Not only that, but you do not let their descendants vote for at least four generations. Only then can you be reasonably sure that they have been adsorbed into the native population.

During the Q&A, Stefanos stated with great confidence that the recent Indian and Asian arrivals to the country were not Australians. It is a quite startling case of not seeing the wood for the trees. But in another 70 years, the descendants of those recent arrivals will think the same way as Stefanos. Australia belongs to Asia, or something along those lines.

As long as you, your children, or your great-great-great grandchildren retain any shred of attachment to your home nation, you cannot be considered anything but a guest, at best. And even if your descendants have successfully integrated in every cultural aspect, your DNA will remain different. Four generations will not be enough if the children of immigrants are marrying other children of immigrants. A hyphen does not indicate a subset, but rather, a negation. If you are a Greek-Australian, you are not Australian and you never will be.

Civic nationalism is not a genuine form of nationalism, it is nothing more than bureaucratic statism in nationalist clothing.

While many nations can benefit from a very small amount of hybrid vigor, the key word there is “small”. If the logic of the globalists remains in effect, in another 250 years or so, the globe will be divided between the Han and the Indians while every other nation is effectively eliminated through subsumption.