Ain’t diversity grand?

Kenosha, Wisconsin discovers the joys of a diverse and vibrant population:

On Monday night, rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin spread their civil unrest from primarily urban and commercial centers, to residential areas.

And the residents in those areas were having none of it.

Shortly after midnight, a group of demonstrators got in their cars and traveled to a residential neighborhood where they parked in a grassy area across from a row of houses. As they began exiting their vehicles, a homeowner emerged from his house and began firing warning shots at the rioters.

The would-be rioters began to flee as the man fired several more shots. In another incident, a group of rioters attacked and burned several local businesses in an area near a residential neighborhood.

Sooner or later, whites in the USA are going to figure out that their problem isn’t an excess of racism, but a severe shortage of it. It might not be a bad idea for Christians to recall that while racism isn’t a sin, lying most certainly is.