You think it’s parody

But the fact that Twitter banned Titania McGrath, however temporarily, only demonstrates that reality will catch up and surpass the parody, and most likely sooner rather than later.

What we call “illness” is a social construct, defined negatively against its antithesis “wellness”. Society, in other words, has created the category of “illness” as a means to impose power on those who do not subscribe to cultural norms of what it means to be “well”. “Health” and “wellness” are mere taxonomies of privilege, inculcated by the hegemonic and oppressive discourses of “medical science”. Referring to someone as “well” or “ill”, “healthy” or “unhealthy”, is simply the medicalisation of human diversity.

When you consider that they’ve already disposed of “male” and “female”, as well as “girl” and “boy”, and redefined psychiatric disorders as sexual orientations, don’t think they won’t eventually claim that it is criminally shapist to encourage an obese woman to lose weight or healthist to prescribe insulin to a diabetic.

Perhaps those who are anti-mask can use this tactic when criticized by Mask Nazis for not wearing a mask. Simply point out that it is hurtful and privileged and healthist to object to your sexual preference for coronaviruses.